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Online Arbitration System

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A World of Dispute Resolution
We are making the world a smaller place

We are a Canadian based group developing a comprehensive system of online arbitration which works through this website.  It is available to parties locally and on an international basis. Our system features multi-user video conferencing applying inexpensive new improved technologies that are readily available to people at their homes and places of business, such as Skype Premium and Google Plus Hangouts. For those with greater security concerns and larger budgets secure connections are also available. This allows for proper hearings at a low cost which includes full rights to cross examine witnesses.  Our system has options for varying budgets and varying degrees of online, telephone or other audio, email and in-person proceedings. We act as agents for the appointment of arbitrators and as advisers and administrators of the arbitration process. The future of dispute resolution is here at the Online Arbitration website. Please use our “contact” form or “request cost quote” form to begin a dialogue about the process and how we can work with you.