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What will it cost?

We are quoting on an individual basis for the cost of arbitration services.  There is no obligation or cost related to receiving our quote and the choice of arbitrators remains with the parties.  The form below assumes a single arbitrator but allows for a variety of processes which include varying degrees of online and in person proceedings.  Where there is a tribunal of 3 we request that you use our general contact form to let us know of your need and we will then get back to you to discuss what we can offer. You may use our online form here to provide information about your dispute and the type of service you wish to have.  We have arbitrators available in different places who can provide service for a range of prices.  Hourly rates typically range from $200 to $500 Canadian per hour for the arbitrator.  We will need sufficient information to understand the nature of the dispute and to determine on a preliminary basis if there are any potential conflicts.  Please do not provide us with actual evidence or any detail of a party’s position on the issues.  We do not at this stage need to know the amount of money involved in the dispute.  We will get back to you quickly to acknowledge your request and generally within a week to provide a full proposal with options and arbitrator choices or to request additional information.

Please complete the form as completely as you can before submitting with estimated and approximate information as necessary. Please include contact information for the representatives of all parties to the proceedings. Thank you for considering us.

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