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Contact Us for your ADR and ODR Needs
Online Arbitration is operated by Miskin Law Offices which are located at:
Time Square
380 Armour Road
Suite 263
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
K9H 7L7
Local phone: 705-755-7363
Toronto: 416-492-0989
Tollfree: 877-428-8000
Google Plus:
Skype: adrworks
 You can call toll free from USA or Canada to Miskin Law Offices in Canada at 877-428-8000 and speak with Shannon at Extension 112 to arrange international arbitration or mediation services. Outside of North America and in the Greater Toronto Area call our Toronto Canada number 1-416-492-0989. Fax us at 1-705-874-2692.  We also have a branch office in Whitby, Ontario by appointment only.

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